What We Do


Traditional and Digital Communications

We are experienced in telling a story or conveying a message through all the traditional broadcast and print media. We also understand the impact of digital media and know-how to use it to change the conversation — from social media platforms to podcasts to video, we can work with clients on an effective strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Branding an initiative and consistent messaging is an integral part of making an impact, as is being able to deliver that message to your intended audience. Through decades of experience in this area and digital assets we have developed such as targeted email lists, the Walker Group can help clients with targeting the audience you need to reach.

Resource Development

Advancing a public policy goal or another strategic initiative often comes down to mounting the financial resources you’ll need to get the message out. We have a proven track record of taking this challenge to new levels, from large-scale, traditional fundraising initiatives to innovative small-dollar fundraising and everything in between.

Strategic Planning and Change Management

Big, bold reforms are a Governor Scott Walker trademark and are central to what we do at Walker Group. Scott Walker led the way by bringing reform to the state of Wisconsin and providing a conservative model to the nation. The Walker Group can help clients lead the way by going big and bold whether it’s in public policy, business or a non-profit enterprise. Change can happen through planning and leadership.

Economic Development Consulting

We understand what it takes to make economic development projects happen. When Scott Walker took office as Wisconsin’s 45th Governor he faced a multi-billion dollar state budget deficit and a high unemployment rate. Eight years later, through strategic planning, conservative reforms, and innovative economic development initiatives, Wisconsin had become a beacon for private sector investment that led to prosperity for hard-working families.

Issue Advocacy and Political Campaign Strategy

Winning three statewide elections in four years, including an unprecedented Recall election, and successfully advocating for bold transformative change required a strategy. That experience — as well as the issues we’ve advocated on since — means Walker Group has an advantage in guiding our clients. From issue advocacy to political campaigns, we can help you find the path to victory.

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